Alternapak and Pack Service have entered into a cooperation agreement for Spanish and Portuguese markets



Alternapak, producer of carton containers for liquid food and beverages for the use on Tetra Brik Aseptic filling machines and Pack Service will join forces for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. We are convinced that from the combination of proven materials and production technology of Alternapak and the sales and support professionalism of Pack Service, an excellent option for many customers will arise.

Alternapak with European wide sales, production, logistic and support has currently the following product portfolio:

·         1000 ml baseline;

·         1000 ml slimline (with PLH and One Action Screw Cap);

·         200 ml baseline;

·         200ml slimline.

All products of Alternapak are made in Europe with paperboard from sustainable sources and are fully certified to be used in food industry. They are printed with Super Flexo technique.

All customers are invited to visit our booth during Hispack, were commercial and sales management will be present to inform you about our plans and show all relevant market samples.

Pack Service and Alternapak are on booth A137 Hall 3 at Hispack (21st -24th April 2015).

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