The packaging lines for our most ecofriendly pack, BOARDIO, are high speed and fully automatic lines, which are able to get up to 110 packs/minute.

They consist of a forming machine and sealing machine which are dseigned following the strictest higene standards and to achieve high production rates with the best efficiency.



  • Direct filling; we adapt to any of the most renowned filling machines in the market.

  • Adaptable protection barrier (low/high).

  • All the components of the pack are delivered flat (transport & storage costs reduction, lower carbon footprint).

  • Pack formation (tape, base, membrane and lid) using state-of-the-art induction technology (no glue).

  • New pack formats available with a simple tool change (flexibility to create new brands with completely different images and styles).

  • This pack is 100% made of carton on the outside, which makes it fully printable.


Boardio components


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