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We have succsessfully designed and manufactured a new PS 40 Multipack Machine to put a carton sleeve around the plastic trays of sliced meat products of a very renowned producer in Girona (northern Spain). 

Combining both our long experience in multipack and the introduction of new technologies, we found the perfect solution for the complete automation of the packaging process from the customer’s medium-high capacity production line.

* Fully automatic machine
* Up to 40 packs/minute
* User friendly and intuitive menus on the touch screen
* High visibility and easy access

* Possibility to connect remotely
* Free carton supply
* Pack Service design and manufacture
* Technical assistance of our own

We find the solution for all your needs
In this case, under the customer’s request, we installed a metal detector with a rejection system and a detection system for wrong positioned trays, both at the infeed of the machine. We also designed the machine so that the sleeve could be positioned on the center of the tray and also on one side. Finally, we also made bypass mode possible, so that trays could go through the machine with no carton.

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