Cookies Policy

¿What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your computer when you access certain web pages.  Cookies allow a web to store and retrieve information on the navigation habits of a user or its computer and depending on the information they contain or the way the computer is used, they can be used to recognise the user. 
¿What kind of cookies does use?Depending on the time the cookies are active, they can be:
  • Session cookies: they are designed to store data while the user enters a web site. They are usually used to store information that is only useful to offer a certain service that has been required by the user (such as a purchased products list).
  • Permanent cookies: these cookies allow the data to keep stored in a terminal and be retrieved  for a defined time lapse. They have a deleting date. They are used for instance during a buying process or register in order to avoid us having to introduce our personal data constantly.

Depending on the entity that manages the computer or the domain from which cookies are sent and which treats the obtained data, we can have:

  • Own cookies: they are sent to the user’s device and they are exclusively managed by us for the best operation of the site.
  • Third-party cookies: those sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain that is not managed by us but by another entity, which will process the obtained data.

When navigating through thefollowing cookies can be installed in your device:

  • Register cookies: When the user enters our web and logs in, a temporary cookie of our own isinstalled, so that he can navigate through his user area without  constantly introducing his personal data- This cookie will be deleted when the user is loged off. 
  • Analysis cookies: They are used to study uder behavior when navigating anonymously on our web site. This waywe can know the most seen content, the number of visitors, etc. This information will be only used to improve navigation experience and optimise our services. They can be our own or third party cookies (Google Analytics or Iadvice).
  • Third party advertising cookies: Their main goal is to optimise advertising. In order to manage these services we use Google’s Doubleclick platform which stores information on the ads that have been shown to the user, those he is interested in and whether he visited the advertiser’s web site. 
Cookies configuration, consultation and deactivation

You can allow, block or eliminate all the cookies that have been installed in your pc by configurating your Internet browser’s options:

Regarding Google cookies, both analytics and advertising cookies, as well as their management and configuration can be consulted on:

Cookies update cookies can be updated, so we recommend you to periodically check our policy. 
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