Gable Top Machines

  • Compact design and easy operation

  • From low to very high filling speed, depending on production volume (from 10 up to 125 GT/minute)
  • Semiautomatic or fully automatic machines
  • All-in-one machines: the same machine forms, seals fills the carton and puts the cap (optional)

  • Different carton styles and sizes available: 57x57mm, 70x70mm, 95x95mm, 140x140mm, etc; Pure Pak, Tetra Rex, etc. Other carton styles under request.


Standard Features

  • Main frame and outer plates in stainless steel

  • Security guards as per CE rules

  • High/low product level control

  • Alarm for low level of product in tank

  • Variable speed

  • PLC with color touch screen

  • “No carton-no fill” sensore

  • Installed power: 380V 3pH 50/60 Hz

  • Water-cooled closing surfaces and mandrels

  • Mechanical motor system



  • Recommended spare parts kit

  • Other installed power options available

  • Coder

  • CAP-PAC spout applicator

  • CIP Tank

  • UltraClean carton sterilization system

  • HEPA filter unit

  • Different nozzle types avauilable depending on the product: foamless, tulip, etc.

  • Auxiliary filling systems: hot fill system or dry products

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08025, Barcelona, España

+34 934 503 876

+34 934 553 075

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