The Spanish Club of Packaging has materialized one of its first objectives with the launch of the manual Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, what does the publication of this book imply?

Lluís Juncosa.- It implies a very important step within the objectives set by the Club since its foundation and it is in line with the mission and philosophy of the organization: to become a meeting point and union of all professionals related to the packaging sector in our country and its related industries.

The manual Fundamentals of Packaging Technology offers the professional a necessary tool for the deep and complete knowledge of the packaging sector. Its contents perfectly detail all the concepts, manufacturing processes, materials, etc, of knowledge required for the industry. It is a reference book for all professionals directly or indirectly linked to the packaging sector and for students who are taking professional modules to work in this market. The manual is written by Walter Soroka, one of the most important American specialists in this industry and edited by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP).

What has been the process leading to the publication of the manual?

Lluís Juncosa.- As a result of the collaboration agreement we signed with the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP), our North American counterpart, we began the process of buying rights from the manual for publication here. Once acquired, it has been translated by a team of experts who have been in charge of faithfully reflecting the original American. It has been a long process that we now see culminated and of which we feel fully satisfied.

The book approach as a manual and study book, how does it help to the professional or future worker in the sector?

Lluís Juncosa.- Fundamentals of Packaging Technology allows everyone who acquires it to start a complete course on the sector that ends with a final exam to establish the knowledge acquired during the learning process. If it is finally passed, a certificate is granted by the IOPP, which certifies that they have sufficient knowledge to perform a job within the packaging sector.

Therefore, we are talking about a manual that not only brilliantly compiles processes, technologies, typologies of packaging, etc., but also goes beyond that, allowing to increase professionalism within the sector. And of course, if we manage to professionalize even more an industry that is sometimes complex, the benefit will come to all: manufacturers, suppliers, and of course, the final customer who buys the packaged product.

On the other hand, the study of the manual and obtaining the certificate can create a job market for future professionals in the sector so that companies can capture new profiles and workers, according to their needs.

How will this manual be promoted?

Lluís Juncosa.- Obviously from the Spanish Packaging Club we are going to make an important policy of promotion and launch of the manual. The book is aimed at the entire Hispanic market which allows us to expand territory and make it known beyond our borders. At the moment, the manual is already available through our website and also through the web of Graphispack Association,,which has been the driving force of the Club and which for decades has brought together a large number of companies in the sector and, together with Fira de Barcelona, also a sponsor of the Club, organizes and collaborates in different professional salons such as Hispack.

Also during the next months, the Club is planning to initiate a series of visits to companies in the sector to publicize the manual among its managers and workers explaining everything involved in following the book and obtaining the certificate. On the other hand, we will also visit schools that offer professional modules in packaging, such as the Escola Antoni Algueró, and we will promote it in the national and international halls where we have presence.

When is the Spanish Packaging Club?

Lluís Juncosa.- At the moment, the Spanish Packaging Club is putting in operation and in progress many of the objectives that were marked at the time of its foundation. Along with the release of the manual Fundamentals of  Packaging Technology, during the first quarter of this year the Professional Network began to operate through the web. It is an on-line community for professionals of the sector that allows the visitor to interact with other professionals to share experiences, solve any questions that may arise and generate topics of debate on specific issues that affect the industry. The objective is to contribute, among other aspects, with knowledge, innovation and creativity for the benefit of the sector and all its members.

Also from the Club we continue with the process of promotion and recruitment of new members who want to be part of the entity.

What other projects is the Spanish Packaging Club planning to undertake in the medium and long term?

Lluís Juncosa.- The Club’s intention is to become a reference space for any professional in the packaging sector. We want it to be the meeting place of all its members and for this we will progressively launch different activities aimed at achieving these objectives. Among our projects is to plan training courses linked to the Escola Antoni Algueró, to hold seminars, to give lectures of interest, etc. We will also expand the line of collaboration with the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) to offer everything the packaging professional may need.

As president of the Spanish Packaging Club, how do you see the current situation in the sector?

Lluís Juncosa.- It is clear that we are going through a difficult economic situation that is affecting the whole industry in general and, therefore, also affects packaging. The companies that only operate in the internal market are the ones that are having more difficulties at the moment. Those who export internationally are also suffering the crisis, but perhaps less so. Faced with this situation, it is important for companies to undertake important restructuring plans in order to get ahead.

What are the current and future packaging trends?

Lluís Juncosa.- It is important that the packaging always adapts to the reality of the moment. Currently one of the most obvious trends is to minimize the environmental impact of the packaging with new materials, weights, etc. On the other hand, we are witnessing an aging population which forces us to design containers and packaging with easy opening. Also, the family units are becoming smaller and therefore the containers must be reduced. In short, the packaging always has to walk with the market and with the needs that the customer marks.

As President of the Club, what is your claim?

Lluís Juncosa.- I am convinced that The Spanish Club of Packaging is an entity with a great future that will progressively consolidate and become a reference for the sector, as is our counterpart, the Institute of Packaging for Professionals (IOPP). The Club will give the professionalism and prestige the sector needs.

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