An ecologic yoghurt producer has found again in Pack Service the best technical, reliable and profitable solution for the automation of their packs. It sums up to all the customers that have already trusted our technology in order to optimise their production.
Our machine is simple, compact and accessible, the first step towards automation. It isideal for low volumes and low to medium speeds up to 30 packs/minute.

Our MINI PS is avery versatile machine that can make packs in different formats and heights (1x2, 2x2, 1x2+1x2, etc.) andeven different pack styles (total wraparound, partial wraparound, neck-through, etc.).

This machine is equipped with servo technology in order to control product and achieve a fluid and optimal working.

Easy format change by 3 simple steps (only adjustments, no tooling change required).
They work with flat carton blanks with no glue, so the final packaging is perfect, as the sleeve fits perfectly around the product. The fact that our machines use flat carton blanks allows for cost, storage place and logistic cost reductions.

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08025, Barcelona, España

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