The use of multipacks made of carton has been chosen as the most ecofriendly packaging for cans and the best solution to reduce the use of plastic

The companies are updating its packaging with the planet needs. Carton is the perfect material to follow the social trends and laws that will regulate the ecological footprint in each country. Invest in this packaging is the best for the planet and also helps to reduce the eco-taxable weight of materials like plastic. 

The PS 60 Multipack Machine is the best option to help our customers to be more eco-competitive and reduce the use of the plastic Hi-cone.

* Fully automatic machine
* Multiformat: classic 375ml and slim 250ml cans in 2x2 & 2x3 packs
* Up to 60 packs/minute
* Use of servo technology
* Touch screen with intuitive menus

* High visibility
* Easy access
* Ethernet remote connection system
* Free carton supply
* Pack Service design and manufacture
* Technical assistance of our own

ROI from the very first day

Starting from a flat carton blank (not a preglued sleeve):
– The sleeve is perfectly fitted around the product (finished pack is perfect).
– Flat carton is cheaper than preglued sleeves (manipulation savings)
– Flat carton is directly stacked on a pallet (space reduction and thus logistic and storage costs are reduced)

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