The lines for our premium package, SEALIO, are fully automatic, with variable speed, and able to reach up to 100 packs/minute. They are designed to achieve a high performance at continuous production (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). They are built following the highest quality standards for food use as all the components in contact with the product are made of food grade stainless steel or other non corrosive materials. 



  • Direct filling; we adapt to any of the most renowned filling machines in the market.

  • Adaptable protection barrier (low/high).

  • All the components of the pack are delivered flat (transport & storage costs reduction, lower carbon footprint).

  • Pack formation by heat, using state-of-the-art induction technology (no glue).

  • New pack formats available with a simple tool change (flexibility to create new brands with completely different images and styles).

  • Many customization options (shapes, base and lid colors, body printings, dosing spool inside, space on top for special offers or presents,etc.)


Sealio line machines

A complete Sealio line is composed of different machines:

  • S1: it forms the body of the pack and applies the upper membrane before the pack is filled, which ensures a completely clean pack top with no product leftovers. 

  • Filler: once the pack is formed, before going to the next machine, the packgoes through the filling machine to load the product. We work with major companies. It is also possible to add other auxiliary units on this step (weighers, printers, metal detectors, etc.).

  • S2: once the product is filled, this machine adds and seals by means of incudtion the base and its rim.

  • S3: this machine applies the lid to the pack, with no glue or additive.


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