Solutions for Top Load cartons

The majority of top load cartons, unlike end load cartons, require of a complete line composed of 2 machines: a forming machine and a closing machine. They are lines which are conceived for factories with available space and with high production volumes, achieving the highest efficiency at the lowest cost.

Depending on the product type, available investment or required cartoning speed, we have a wide range of top load machinery available: tray formers, top load carton formers, base and lid formers (chocolates style), double head or single head formers, with fixed format or multiformat, etc. We can also offer closing machines for one frontal flap, for 3 flaps (frontal+sides) linear closers or 90º closers.

Apart from this, we can also deal with the manual or automatic product load inside the cartons: open conveyors for manual loading, automatic loading islands with robots or pick&place, etc.

Just ask as for the carton you are looking for; we will find the  best solution for your production line. 

Top load cartoning lines

Formation of the carton

by means of hot melt

Formation of the carton

by tuck-in flaps

Linear closer

90° closer

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